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Utilitities and Source Code I wrote. This is a dos-based sound effects creator I wrote. It's purpose is to facilitate the creation and importing as well as archiving of sound files into your own dos programs. You can use a simple function call to import the sounds you create. Includes files and source code for easy creation, linking, storing and retreiving linked lists. Pass an array of string pointers to this cool function and it will sort it alphabetically for you. A nifty package that enables you to call up 640 x 480, 256 colour graphics in dos. A few simple function calls is all it takes. Another nice package. With just a few function calls you can load and play wave files from disk. A sample inventory program with source code. Demonstrates some good coding style. A handy utility. Run before and after installing any program and it will tell you all the files that were added by the installation. Use this kit to archive your finished program files for easy distribution. Your install or setup routine can make a simple function call and unpak the archives. Since there is no need to call external programs, it is very clean, efficient and it will impress your freinds. Pass these along to freinds for a good laugh. They are fake viri I wrote purely for fun. This is a windows interface version of above, my first vb program. Here's a handy way to back up your icq data including contact list, message history and personal info. This is my second vb program.

Here is some more I thought I would share with you. The following source code is ideal for some of the newer programmers who are interested in exploring some more advanced methods and ideas surrounding graphical user interface issues as well as a need to develop beyond c's built in I/O functions. These were all more or less exercises I worked on during my beginning stages of learning the c language but I think you can benefit from them. source code for an unfinished desktop organizer program. Has some very useful concepts and code. source code and demo program showing how to bypass keyboard bios in order to detect funtion keys, control, alt keys, etc. as well as determining the up or down state of the key. It's even possible to detect if there are more than one key pressed simultaneously and which ones if any. Very handy.



Come in and check out this section every month or so if not sooner. I'll be adding stuff here all the time, including a lot more source code for graphics routines, sound, interface such as useful mouse and keyboard funtions. Email me directly if you have any requests.

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Other Cool Source Code Here's some nice source code for a file compression \ decompression program. you guessed it. Source code for the popular 3d game by id software (tm)

Bunches and bunches more to come.

If you didn't find what you need here, feel free to leave a message on the message board, email me, or check some of the other sites in the links section.